YES! You can use SNAP benefits to pay for organic, locally grown veggies.

We are offering  4 - LEARN HOW EAT MORE VEGGIES - Scholarships for folks who are unable to  come up with the pre-season payment.

 These allow you to pay by the month instead of paying the large sign up cost up front. Heres how it works.

When you sign up you pay the $30 help deposit which you get back at the end of the season if you make it to every pickup. 

Then you pay for the weeks at the beginning of the month.

May has two weeks so a half share is 18.50 a week x 2 = $37

A full share is $25 a week x 2 = $50

June has 5 weeks ; Half is $92.50, Full is $125 

And so on.... the last month of glorious nutritious homegrown veggies is nov with 2 weeks.

 Richie -,  540 577 9178