Richard , Richie , Ursomarso 

I started growing a garden in my late teens and by the time i was 25 I was homesteading and growing most of my food. I also taught myself the local medicinal, edible and utilitarian plants, trees and their uses. I  know have over 25 years of growing food for a living. Growing medicinal food for my local community is my passion. It is my chosen path of social, spiritual and environmental activism. As a food farmer I am a plumber, a mechanic, an engineer, site designer, construction worker, biologist, ethnobotanist and a scientist. All these skills and trades have taken me decades to learn. The art of growing vegetables in an efficient, sensitive and aware way is a rare skill.  I am most interested in passing this knowledge on to future farmers. Growing food is a great way to make a living while making a difference in the world.

A great dog all around.

Chris Wolf - Field Manager

Chris will not be with us next year. He did a great job and we were very blessed to have him. We are looking for someone with more experience and, a history of running a field growing operation, to continue our success and incredible offering of healing foods. 
Food has been the central theme of my life for about the last 10 years. At 18 I dove into cheesemaking, first independently, then on farms in Pennsylvania and in France. My interests expanded and I got a degree in Agricultural Economics. I taught English abroad and lead canoe trips but I also worked markets, restaurants, sold fancy cheese and helped run a farm-to-table produce company. I fell in love with a girl and together we spent half a year WWOOFing in New Zealand before landing in Floyd. We have a small herd of dairy goats, chickens and a modest vegetable garden and we lead shapenote singing in town.  

I came to Waterbear early in the spring of 2015 hungry for work outdoors and ready to learn everything I could. I started as everyone does on a farm that grows organic produce: weeding. But by paying close attention to instructions, observing carefully, and generally working my butt off, I quickly stepped up to the various demands and soon found myself in managerial role

I’m excited for another season growing food. It is an amazing experience to participate in the transformation of the farm over the course of the season and coax a bounty of produce from the earth in the face of the myriad obstacles. It is hard work, but fulfilling like nothing else that I know.